Chicken Cecilia

Chicken Cecilia

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I wanted to put together a simple dinner that you can make at home for your Valentine. Inspired by Chicken Saltimbocca, our Chicken Cecilia was created to make a impression on guests but simple enough that anyone can make it. Check out our video recipe here, and let us know what you think. 

Tomato Bruschetta

For Two People


½ Cup Grape Tomatoes cut into halves

1 Tbsp Fresh Basil Shredded

½ Teaspoon Garlic Salt

¼ Teaspoon Black Pepper

½ Teaspoon Dried Parsley

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Pinch Sugar


  1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and adjust for seasoning



Garlic Butter Green Beans

For Two People

½ Pound Fresh Cleaned Green Beans

1 Tbsp Butter

½ Teaspoon Garlic Salt

Pinch Black Pepper

Blanching Liquid

4 Cups Water

1 Tbsp Salt


  1. Bring 4 Cups of Water and Tbsp of Salt to boil
  2. Add Green Beans and cook for approximately five minutes until desired tenderness
  3. Remove Green Beans from boiling water and cool in ice bath or under cold running water
  4. Set Green Beans in shallow small pan and top with Butter and Seasonings



Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice

Prepare according to instructions on box. Add cream if desired right before serving.



Chicken Cecilia

For Two People

2 – 4 oz Chicken Breasts

½ Teaspoon Seasoned Salt

1 Tbsp Canola Oil

½ Teaspoon Dried Parsley

Three Slices of Prosciutto

½ Cup Mixed Cheeses


  1. Pound Chicken lightly with meat mallet until evenly thin
  2. Season Chicken with Seasoned Salt and Parsley
  3. Wrapped Chicken Breast with Prosciutto and set aside
  4. In a non-stick pan, sear Chicken Breast Prosciutto side down until lightly browned. Turn Chicken over to cook the other side until lightly browned as well.
  5. Set Chicken Breast in a shallow baking pan. Cook at 375°F for approximately 7 to 10 minutes or until Chicken is fully cooked.
  6. Remove from oven and let cool. Top with Cheese mixture.

To Plate:

Place Chicken, Rice and Green Beans in heated oven for approximately 6 minutes and Cheese is completely melted.

Remove all items from oven. Spoon ½ Cup Rice going to the center of the plate. Place Green Beans next to the Rice and place Chicken across the top. Spoon Bruschetta in a line across the Chicken.


We would love to hear how your dinner turned out. Comment below on your experience with our recipe, or share your pictures on our Facebook page

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